Painting Portfolio

Doing what a girl has to III oil on linen 122 x 91cm 2016
The telephone call 2016 oil on linen 122 x 91cm
Stock_The carer I Oil on Linen 310 x 420mm
Paul bottaro THe carer II oil on linen 310 x 400mm
Cyrulla_The carer III drawing 1 m x 1.2m
SOLD The visit oil on linen 600 x 900mm
Cyrulla D_The conversation Study oil on paper  54.6 x 44cm $2800
sold reflection oil on canvas paper, 210x 295mm
Getting Ready II Erica 41 x 31cm
SOLD_the afternoon 180 x 280mm oil on canvas paper
SOLD Ruby 180 x 280mm oil on canvas paper
Gadfly_Reminiscing  280 x 190mm oil on canvas paper
SOLD The Critic 41 x 19cm 1900 oil on linen
sold Makin_The critic II oil on linen 41cm x 23.5cm  2100
maryanne gouache 190 x 110mm_ciandra owns
SOLD Maryanne Cootes Oil on canvas paper 260 x 190mm
sold Time Out, oil on linen 31 x 40cm
sold Starting over I oil on canvas paper 170 x 240mm
sold Role Model  (2)220 x 200mm oil on canvas paper
Starting over v
SOLD Choice  oil on canvas paper 24x 21cm
Role Model III oil on paper 27cm x 16cm $1900 inlc GST
SOLD it all takes a little longer-getting ready 880 x 660mm oil on linen
Meg Williams_bathroom 190 x 140mm oil on canvas paper
julia mcclead_Role model I  oil on 200 sqiare
it isn't easy 180 x 140mm oil on canvas paper
hindsight oil on canvas paper 21 x 25cm
Williamstown Contemp art prize The Visitor I 1040 x 1560mm $6500
A Moment II 50cm square oil on linen
Cyrulla Married oil on linen 122 x 91cm oct 2010
The room 122 x 91cm oil on linen $6500
 solduntitled 2009 40 x 31.5 oil on linen
A moment III 92 x 92 cm 2009
The Couple  oil on linen 500 x 700mm
ifcantstandtheheat1.1.3 x 1.3
albury art prize learning oil on linen 2.4 x 1.85
Cyrulla_judged oil on linen 206 x 245cm_collection Tweed regional 2012
SOLD Eric Fischl gift_ Bathroom 25 x 20cm 004
The new born oil on linen 70 x 50cm 2010
Hide and seek II
Their bond oil on linen 122 x 91cm 2010
Their bond study 54 x 45cm 2010
cyrulla_Lara- caravan park series oil on paper  400 x 790mm $4500
When kids have kids- caravan park  oil on linen 83 x 63cm $5800
7_TERRY AKA PEE WEE 297 x 420mm
Horsham the man from jeparit 40 x 30cm oil linen
The hotel Room 2011_ 214 x 125cm oil on linen
Horsham gallery mitch from the jeparit poject
sold Cyrulla D_Making it work oil on canvas paper 62.7 x 49cm
Cyrulla D_Life_ oil on linen 76 x 61cm
untitled man getting up oil on canvas paper 70.1 x 49.7cm
Black swan &Tweed Regional the maker of things oil on linen 157 x 104cm
Andrew Rule Right side oil on linen 138 x 102cm
cyrulla_dagmar_2_The performer I_oil on linen 97 x 72cm_
Carnegie girls 2012
Cyrulla_Dagmar_ Alice Byrne Study 1
Cyrulla Mother Painter Wife Alice Byrne 210 x 96cm
Cyrulla_Another Day(after Fischl) oil on linen 153x 153cm 2012
Cyrulla_Ladene oil on linen 40 x 40cm 2012
sold The Train Ride oil on board 40 x 40cm
SOLD Little girl all grown up 122 x 61cm copy