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'Everything to everyone' announced as a finalist in this year's KAAF art prize

This painting is about the changing roles within relationships and women’s increased responsibilities. This is a result of a push by woman for women to be heard and I like others have benefited greatly. Where previously our parents slotted into an expected role, we now find ourselves pitching in and negotiating what tasks we take on to make the “Relationship” work. I believe that we take on more roles than previously and the pressure is greater; the carer, the lover and the provider. The paintings in the background reference history and how far women have come. The man, relaxed and unperturbed by his role shift, the child in the foreground, holding her pretty dress in one hand and the wedding ring in the other is unaware of her future choices. The young woman in the foreground represents intelligence, fragility, sensuality and strength. She is every woman.

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