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Dagmar's painting "Wendy" is a finalist in the 2022 Fisher's Ghost Art Award

Artist statement

‘I met Wendy through a mutual friend and was instantly drawn to her because of her incredible energy and passion,’ says Cyrulla. ‘In my narrative paintings I often paint strong, feminine women. I wasn’t drawn to Wendy because of her success as an artist, but as a woman who is confident, fun, inclusive, warm, encouraging, intelligent and incredibly strong. Her zest for life and art is infectious. We share a love of earrings too!

‘This portrait is one of six that I completed. I like to paint my subjects more than once, so I can explore limited colour palettes to express my emotional connection with the sitter. Wendy and I played in her studio with different poses, hats and lights. I wanted a sense of movement to be present in the work to express the fun we had and Wendy’s boundless energy.’


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