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Dagmar's sculptural artwork 'Life' is a finalist in the Sunshine Coast Art prize.

Artist's statement:

Some of the things I was reflecting on during Covid were ideas around life and death. There was such a focus on death. My Dad was in hospital in a coma, I was unable to see him, plus my uncle was sick…. all of that played a part. When I could in between lockdowns, I went to my Dijon studio for 6 months. Over there I was heavily influenced by Schiele, Rodin and Kaithe Kolwitz. What struck me was that around all the things we hold important and dear, all the stories in our life and the roles we play, there is one thing that affects all of us and holds everyone captive and that is death. Death is the outer circle or what contains everything. It is inevitable. And so, I wanted to make the frames a representation of that. It makes the experiences we do have precious.


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