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Mosman Art Prize selects 'Grateful' as a finalist.

Established in 1947, the Mosman Art Prize is Australia's oldest and most prestigious local government art award. Artists who have won the Mosman Art Prize include Margaret Olley, Guy Warren and Grace Cossington Smith. Dagmar Cyrulla is delighted to have her painting titled, 'Grateful' selected in this year's prize.

Artist statement

“Grateful” is a very personal painting. It was painted during the first lockdown, which felt like it would never end. I created this painting to represent my gratefulness and my vulnerability. I was grateful for my relationship and the experiences and memories that have made me who I am. The way in which I captured the feeling of vulnerability was through presenting the figures naked, but with underpants. Not sexualised but intimate. The bedroom represents intimacy for me. The photo on the bedside table is obscured to represent my accumulation of memories that have led me to this point in time.


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