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Two of Dagmar's portraits selected as semi-finalists in the 2021 Doug Moran portrait prize.

Artist's statement for 'From red earth to the red carpet'

Kym Ellery grew up in Karratha, WA. She used to play in the rich red earth with her toy trucks. Part Māori and English she was inspired by her artistic mother to move to Sydney. With nothing but ambition and courage, she conceived ELLERY the fashion label that has taken her to the Runway of Paris. Now living in Paris, her work is sought after by artists such as Rihanna and Cate Blanchett. The fabric in the background is a reference to her love of fabric and texture. I wanted to capture both sides to Kym, both Tomboy, full of fun, glamorous and elegant. An inspiration to all.

Artist's statement for Bella granddaughter of Constance Stokes

Dr Bella d’Abrera is a mysterious and beautiful woman, her values are firmly rooted in history and her religious beliefs. She is the granddaughter of painter Constance Stokes and a champion for good old-fashioned values, which resonate with me. The painting’s intention was to capture Bella the way I see her - strong, intriguing, traditional and an inspiration to women. The painting’s composition was inspired by Romain Brooks self-portrait in 1923. My painting is an acknowledgement to the early female artists who fought against the status quo in a man’s world. I see Bella in this same light.


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