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'Context' is a finalist in the 2018 Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing.

The Adelaide Perry Prize for Drawing is a $25,000 acquisitive art award that is among the most significant of its kind in the country. 43 finalists have been selected from a total of over 480 entries. Dagmar's artist's statement for her drawing, 'Context' is below.

"This drawing is the first of a series to illustrate how I feel when I am in France drawing in the museums. It is about my feeling of being emotionally connected to European history. I was born in Germany and spend a lot of time in France and I have always felt very connected to artists such as Poussin, Titian, Velazquez... to name a few. I have taken a frame and put it around a contemporary drawing, a self-portrait in this instance. The frame was drawn in front of a painting in the Musee Magnin in Dijon. Everything we make now comes from the learning of those that came before us and I love being a part of that history. New ideas and feelings of being a woman, but in an older context. Being the first of this series it plays with that idea of shifting your perception of self and how others see you based on the context in which you are found."

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